Friday, August 24, 2012

Aswan City Travel Guide

If you want to discover the real Egypt then Aswan is the place to visit. Aswan is the southern-most of the three major cities on the Nile in Egypt and is totally different from the northerly cities of Luxor and Cairo as it has a more relaxed atmosphere with a distinct African feel. This is mainly because Aswan has a large Nubian population who have their own language and traditions. The Nile gently meanders through the hot desert and palm-lined islands and is a sight to behold. From Elephantine Island to the Tombs of the Nobles on the west bank of the Nile, Aswan offers a wealth of history and culture for visitors to discover. Mausoleums, tombs and monasteries are among the many sights to be visited when in Aswan. Aswan is not as busy as the resorts in Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada therefore accommodation is available for all budgets and you will be able to find a cheap hotel at any time of the year. Most of the hotels here are from the colonial era and not the extensive complexes you find in the more popular touristy resorts.

Most of the city of Aswan lies on the east bank of the Nile and it is here that you experience the amazing bazaar which runs alongside the Corniche (promenade), visit the Cemetery with its Fatimid era tombs or just take a gentle stroll in the Ferial Gardens. On the west bank you can visit the Nubian villages, relax in the botanical gardens on Kitchener Island and visit the Monastery of St Simeon. There are many historical sites to visit including the Aga Khan mausoleum, the Unfinished Obelisk, Kalabsha Temple and the granite quarries. Don't forget to visit the Old Cataract Hotel where the classic Agatha Christie movie 'Death on the Nile' was filmed. The Sound and Light Show at the Philae Temple is an exciting experience not to be missed.

Due to its excellent location on the banks of the Nile, Aswan offers a great opportunity to take a cruise along this beautiful river. There is so much to see on a riverboat trip along the Nile including Elephantine Island which has been a place of worship since the days of the Pharaohs, Philae Island, Abu Simbel and the largest man-made lake, Lake Nasser. As you drift along the Nile you can take in all the sights and sounds of the city which is particularly lovely at sunset or sunrise.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Great Travel Tips for a Comfortable Trip

Heading towards a fun trip for coming vocations? No doubt, you deserve some fabulous weeks after giving hard time all the year. Travelling is assumed to be relaxing most of the times however, it happens less. You have to face hard luck that is for sure. It is good to learn travel tips so that you have a comfortable and joyful trip.

Travel Tip 1: Be Prepared for Customs

So finally you are going to check in and thinking of going through customs at earliest. Recognize the fact that you will have to spend unwanted time at customs. When you are tired and had too long hours in plane, it becomes more tedious for you. Dedicate your first day for these mess ups rather than making outdoor plans. Make your mind that it happens. Entertain yourself by playing music on your iPod while you are in customs waiting list and be calm.

Travel Tip 2: Do not Mess Up with Minor Things

Most of hikers crumble into small stuff and get nothing out of their trip because they think to be cheated by overcharging of local taxi drivers. Bargain with them, yes, but do not bounce off. You may save some pennies out of fare but in the end your entire day will be lost. Think what should be the regular fare, haggle with 3 drivers and see which driver makes a closer offer. This way you will be travelling inside city peacefully.

Travel Tip 3: Expect the Misfortune

While travelling to your next destination, you may find roadblock, tire blast or a huddle and you will be helpless and stuck for hours on the road. For locals such situations are normal however outsiders become very stressful since they are unfamiliar to such stuff. In these circumstances, decide to take short walk and explore what is popular place near you. If you are smart, then try to be sociable and mixed with locals. Your experience will turn out to be stunning.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Six Travel Tips for Seniors With Diabetes

As any physician or person with insulin-dependent diabetes can tell you. It is a medical condition that is easy to live with so long as you control the diabetes and do not let the diabetes control you. It is when a diabetic's normal routine is interrupted that rethinking control can be very important. Here are six travel tips that can help keep control and make travel the fun that it should be for older adults with diabetes..or travelers of any age for that matter.

Paperwork for Travel. To avoid any issues with security in a heightened alert age, get a current prescription from your provider. Also, ask for a short document that describes all the pills, needles, test devices, vials and such that are part of your regimen.

Stay in Motion. True, travel by air is by way of a plane in motion, but if you are a diabetic it is very important to stay in motion as well. Diabetes is a condition that affects the micro-vascular systems, and they also are more prone to clots. Get up - when the captain allows - at least every hour or two and walk about.

Time Zone Adjustment. Everyone remembers to set their watch for the time zone they will be visiting, but a diabetic also should adjust any pill or injectable dosing schedule. You should consider incremental adjustments anticipating the new time zone a few days before you depart. Experts also suggest that you consult your provider if you are traveling more than four time zones in order to adjust your dosing schedule.